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School Policies



School is in session from 8:00 a.m. until 2:35 p.m., except on minimum days. Campus supervision begins at 7:45 a.m.



The Whittier City School District Board of Education has formally adopted a dress code for district students. The Dress Code is a requirement for students who have a Uniform Waiver as well as for those in uniform. YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR COMMON DRESS POLICY IS CRITICAL.

Our goal is to have students dress safely and modestly to maximize learning for all students. Appropriate dress improves student behavior, eliminates outside influences, and supports learning. Any extremes in dress that distract from the learning environment will not be permitted. ADHERENCE TO THE DRESS CODE PROMOTES SCHOOL SAFETY AND LEARNING - HELP US MAKE OUR SCHOOL THE BEST.

*PANTS: Baggy/pants are not allowed. Pants are to be worn at waist level and must fit correctly around the waist and hips which means within 2 inches of actual waist or hip size without alterations. Pants must fit appropriately, and not have holes. No excessively clinging, tight, or formfitting pants, leggings, spandex, skirts, or shorts may be worn. Undergarments should never be visible.


*SHORTS/SKIRTS: These may be worn at school. Both skirts and shorts must be long enough to cover the middle of the thigh. Shorts may not extend beyond the knee. Biking and swimming type shorts are not allowed at school. All hems must be sewn: no cut, slit, or frayed edges.


*SHIRTS: Excessively large shirts are not appropriate. While all shirts must generally be tucked in, exceptions may be made for appropriately sized polo shirts - hems no longer than the student's wrists - which button at the neck. Dress shirts must be buttoned and worn tucked in. Shirts/blouses must be modest, always covering the midriff and shoulders. Beach wear, including tank or tube tops, spaghetti-strapped clothing, low revealing necklines and backs, see-through, and bare midriffs are not acceptable school clothing; undergarments must be covered at all times.


*INSCRIPTIONS: Writing, team logos, or insignias, which are identified as gang or group related, MAY NOT be worn at school. No inscriptions representing alcohol, drugs, profanity/obscenity, tagging, weapons, death/violence, or which are suggestive in nature may be worn at school. 


*CHAINS and METAL STUDS may not be brought or worn at school. 

*JACKETS: Jackets may not be excessively large or extend below student skirts or shorts.


*HEAD COVERINGS: Hats, caps, headband, hair-nets, or bandanas are not allowed at school. Sweater and sweatshirt hoods may not be worn while on school grounds.


*SHOES AND SOCKS: All footwear must be of a safe and secure nature. To prevent injuries, students may not wear open toed shoes, sandals, or moccasins. "Steel-toed" boots may not be worn. High, platform shoes and shoes with wheels are not allowed. Long socks may not be worn with shorts. Fishnet hose or mesh hose are not appropriate for school wear.
*HAIR AND MAKEUP: Hair must be clean, well groomed, and manageable. Excessive and bizarre makeup, hairstyles, and hair colors are not acceptable. Natural hair colors only.


*BODY PIERCING: Visible body piercing is not allowed at school except for small earrings. Earrings should be of the “smaller-type" (not bigger than the size of a nickel} so that they are not easily pulled out. "Plugs" (earrings) are not permitted.


Students are expected to follow all traffic safety rules to and from school.

Do not ride bicycles on school grounds, bikes must be walked when on campus.
Students must wear helmets in accordance with the law.
All bikes must be locked in the designated area by room 21; Bicycles may not be stored in classrooms or in the office.

Students are responsible for obtaining his/her own chain and lock (locks should not be shared). The school does not assume responsibility for the safety or security of bicycles. The school is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of bicycles.

Violators of these rules may lose their privileges.


Due to safety concerns, these items are NOT allowed on campus at any time. If found on campus, these items will be kept in school office until they can be picked up by a parent.


Students may not bring valuables and/or other inappropriate items to school. Longfellow Elementary School is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged valuables.


Students are expected to observe safety rules for pedestrians and use cross walks while walking to and from school. Students are expected to follow directions of Crossing Guard. Students should walk with others and go directly home/ school. Once inside campus, students are not to leave school grounds, doing so may result in a truancy/unexcused tardy report on student’s record. Parent will be contacted by principal.


Lost and found is located in the MPR and front office. Unclaimed items are donated monthly.



During an emergency, students will remain on campus until parent, or guardian listed on Emergency Card, is able to pick them up. Parents/guardians must immediately update student records whenever personal contact information changes.




Students in need of the health clerk's attention must be issued a pass to the health office from his/her teacher. Student may not use personal cell phone to call/text parents. Health clerk will call home.




Students MAY NOT carry medication at school; this includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Students who need to take medicine during the school day MUST comply with the following:


*Have parent submit "Authorization for Medication Administration," Form 7021-A, signed by parent and physician. 

*Medicine must be in the original, properly labeled, container from the pharmacist/store. 

*Medicine will be kept in the health office. 

*Parents may come to school and administer medicine to 
their own child if the appropriate forms are not completed. 

*Students may carry inhalers only when the doctor has given written permission-This includes inhalers needed for P.E 




Students are responsible for assigned textbooks, reading books and library books. Parent/Guardian will be required to pay for missing books and books showing unusual wear and damage. Students are not to write in or deface textbooks.




Students are expected to attend school every school day. Regular attendance supports academic achievement and prepares students for future success in the workplace.




Ed Code 48205 states, all absences must be reported to the school attendance office (562-789-3094) or a note may be sent with student upon his/her return. A doctor's note is required after three days of absence. 


Absences will only be excused for the following 

*Due to illness 

*Medical, dental, court, eye doctor or orthodontist 

*Funeral for immediate family member only 


All other absences then those listed above will be marked 
as "Unexcused-Cleared" 
Only students who are in attendance on the day of a school activity, may participate in the after school activity; this includes absences due to suspension. 




Perfect attendance = NO absences, no tardies, no early dismissals for any reason.




Students are expected to be in class on time. Students are tardy if not seated (or in class line) when the bell rings. Tardies will result in a detention. Please note the following:  Students arriving to school after 8 a.m. are to report to the front office. A parent/guardian signed note must accompany all tardies.


Repeated tardiness will lead to academic, as well as disciplinary consequences. Further tardiness may result in referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). 


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