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Scholastic’s Reading Counts! is a web based reading program that is used at Longfellow for students in 1st - 5th grade. The students take an initial assessment that provides their Lexile level or reading range as well as a recommended book list. Students are expected to choose a Reading Counts! book each week at the library.  After completing a book, students log on to the Reading Counts! program during their visit to the library and answer a 10 question comprehension test on the book. To meet the expectation, students must pass with 80% or above.   


Longfellow uses the Reading Counts! program as a tool to help motivate students to progress at their independent reading level.  ALL students are capable of meeting the grade level expectations.  Parents are encouraged to help their student(s) find reading materials in their “sweet spot”, which is 100 points below to 50 points above their Lexile level.   




We are excited this year to provide students with a plethora of books with a click of an app. Raz-kids is a comprehensive online reading program, which allows students to read books at their just right levels. Students are using Raz-kids during their independent reading time during class time. Students have access to over 400 eBooks. They can read, listen, and take comprehension tests online. Teachers are able to track students' progress and hone in on students' reading needs based on the assessment data collected. Longfellow champions are falling in love with reading everyday!


Check out Raz-kids here!



Epic! is another digital library that kids love. Students have access to books and videos online. Epic! also provides students with quizzes after reading, audiobooks, and videos on topics they are interested in. Books are recommended based on students’ interests. Students can also earn badges to keep them motivated in reading as well as keep a reading log so parents can track and monitor reading online. There is a monthly fee of $4.99 for home access to the site. 


Check out Epic here!




“Created by MIND Research Institute, ST Math is a game-based instructional software for K-12 and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning…Whether in the classroom, computer lab or at home, learning never stops with ST Math. What is Spatial-Temporal Reasoning? Born out of neuroscience research at the University of California, Irvine, MIND’s unique approach accesses the brain’s innate “spatial-temporal” reasoning ability. This ability, which lies at the core of innovative thinking and sophisticated problem-solving, allows the brain to hold visual, mental representations in short-term memory and to evolve them in both space and time, thinking multiple steps ahead. MIND’s approach consists of language-independent, animated representations of math concepts delivered via the Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math® software games.”

-ST Math Website


Longfellow staff use ST Math as a way to differentiate Math concepts. ST Math is a tool that allows learning of grade level concepts in a different way. Students are using ST Math daily for 20 minutes.


Check out ST Math here!




 “Zearn Math is a rigorous K-5 math curriculum that teaches math as big, connected math ideas. Zearn Math is based on Eureka Math / Engage NY, the most highly-rated and widely-used curriculum available. Zearn. Math is a personalized curriculum for every student. Students work at their own pace and level.”

-Zearn.org website

We have been using Zearn in class to support and review math concepts. The website is based on the same Math Curriculum we use in class.

Check out Zearn.org here!