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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)



PBIS is a research based, systematic approach to teaching expected behaviors. It includes a three level system to address behavior needs and expectations school-wide, in classrooms and for students with at-risk behaviors. Behaviors are explicitly taught and reinforced through positive behavior supports.





PAWS is the acronym at Longfellow to outline the following expectations:

A-Are Always Responsible
W-Work and Play Safely
S-Show Respect


At Longfellow Elementary, we utilize a Behavior Matrix that was created and is implemented by all school personnel. It includes the expected behaviors in all school settings (for example, playground, library, classroom, etc).  The behavior matrix is reviewed and revisited on a consistent basis. Each month, all classrooms are given a Matrix Lesson, which is a specially designed lesson plan in order to explicitly teach a desired behavior in a selected location.At Longfellow, we are promoting, “Pause, and think of P.A.W.S” to help our students make thoughtful decisions regarding the choices they make at school, at home and in the community.




During distant learning, we want to utilize our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Matrix to continue our student's success in making thoughtful decisions regarding the choices they make during their live school lessons. We will be using the below Matrix during our distant learning portion of the school year. 


Longfellow Elementary Distance Learning Matrix
Longfellow Champions Persevere Are Always Responsible Work & Play Safely Show Respect
Entering Class *Come in with a positive attitude
*Be on time & ready to learn
*Start class with devices charged
*Bring necessary materials
*Choose a distraction-free space
*Use kind words & faces
*Greet others
Teacher-Led Instruction *Be open to new learning & challenges
*Be present
*Follow directions
*Ask for help when needed
*Audio off
*Wait your turn to share
*Listen attentively
Group/Partner Work *Stay focused
*Encourage others to stay on task
*Be present
*Follow Directions
*Use kind words & faces
*One speaker at a time
*Respects others opinions
Independent Work & Ipads *Try your best
*Focus on your work
*Turn in assignments on time
*Follow directions
*Use kind words & faces
*No liquids around Ipad
*Use materials appropriately
*Plugin Ipad when finished for the day






*Ask your child or children about their day
*Talk about making good choices and showing their “PAWS” at home and at school
*Read books/articles that discuss behavior or have lessons that teach them about character building
*Communicate often with your child’s teacher on behavior. Ask how you can help and share what works at home 
*Look out for newsletters regarding PBIS information 
*Read books to your children that teach about character or behavior
When students do not follow the rules, we provide them with opportunities to reflect on their choices and relearn the matrix behaviors. 
MTSS Triangle

Where can I find more information on PBIS?

https://www.pbis.org/ (PBIS Website)
http://childrensbooksguide.com/behavior (A source to find books to help teach character and behavior through books)
(District PBIS website) 
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